the aquarium

The Aquarium

Stroll through the aquarium's expanded open floor plan and nautical exhibits as you and your guests sip cocktails and sample savory fare. Flowing spaces and passageways are dedicated to a myriad of marine life and showcase everything from stingrays and seahorses to sand sharks and and salty marshes, and also serve as spaces for cocktail receptions. Rivers to the Sound provides bar/ bat mitzvah children with their very own river-woodlands habitat where they can enjoy a smoothie bar and witness snapping and box turtles and North American river otters Belle and Lou frolicking playfully. The brand new Hokin Family Sound Voyage, complete with oyster beds, diamondback terrapin turtles, and marsh displays, provides a lofty view overlooking Newman's Own Hall and the happy harbor seals below. This cozy balcony spot can seat up to 50 guests. Up to 75 guests can also mingle in and around Jellyfish Encounter and Sea Turtles, or smaller groups (20 guests maximum) can dine in front of sand tiger sharks, lemon sharks, sea bass and other larger schooling fish in the 110,000-gallon tank at Ocean Beyond the Sound. Outdoor cocktail receptions amongst the seals and sea lions can also be accommodated. All spaces combined can host up to 250 guests for cocktails.